Thursday, November 14, 2013

What Next? The End of Work

My machine, my meta-machine, is finished. All I have to do is push “Start,” and all human labor will be accomplished for all time. Self-constructing, self-maintaining, self-repairing machines will mine the ore and reap the harvest and build other machines to do what needs to be done. My self-cleaning, temperature controlled clothes are on, the nanobots on my scalp will keep my hair cut. Nanobots in my body will maintain my health. If I want to go somewhere, I think of it, and machines appear to whisk me there. If I don’t want to walk, I can ride, or fly. I think of a cup of hot tea, and it’s there at my elbow. Structure, sustenance, health care, transportation, all will be done. My machine will do it, without complaint, without attention.

Human labor is a thing of the past.

All I have to do is push the button.

And then what will happen?

And then what will I do?


Tasha England said...

I just finished reading Vonnegut's Player Piano. He imagined a very similar world in the 50s. Creepy that he could have written it yesterday.

Tasha England said...

Reminds me of Vonnegut's Player Piano. Tell me you've read it!